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12-14 Seat Minibus Hire

Our 12-14 seat Minibus is an excellent vehicle here at Minibus Hire Scarborough, however for specific applications, for example, long separation travel, visiting, air terminal work or outside interests it needs adequate storage room for vast volumes of gear or hardware.

Our 12 - 14 seater Minibusses offer space and extravagance at a shockingly great worth! The vehicles are, for the most part, respectable and expertly kept up to guarantee quality help norms. The Minibusses are normally checked and adjusted. All the vehicles in our minibus fleet are less than three years of age. Because of our tremendous experience, we are glad to offer our immediate assistance inside the vehicle business. Our consumer loyalty represents itself with no issue.

The 12-14 seater Minibus offers more space and extravagance for those more extended excursions. If you are traversing the UK, this size of transport would be great. The 12-14 seater Minibus has space to oblige a lot of gear. We can remove some seats to fit in any remarkable things that you might be taking with you

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